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We are one of the UK's largest suppliers & distributors of Tracmat™ High Quality Fibreglass (GRP)  Off-Road Vehicle Bridging Ladders, Waffle Boards, Traction Ramps, Sand Ladders & Hi Lift Jack Pads to the 4x4 Trade, Off Road Clubs, Overland Adventurers, Vehicle Recovery Companies, Emergency Services And The General 4x4 Community.

Tracmat™ Bridging Ladders

A modern, ultra strong, lighter weight alternative to heavy, corrosion prone metal sand ladders, these glass-reinforced polyester (GRP) bridging ladders are a must for any serious off-roader. Excellent for recovery when stuck in thick mud or soft sand, or as a bridging ladder over narrow gaps which the vehicle wheel might not otherwise cross unaided.

The Tracmat™ Bridging Ladder can be placed just under the front of the stationary tyre, and provide a non-slip surface for the vehicle to self-recover under its own power, or in conjunction with another vehicle for assisted recovery. The vehicle weight on the tyre is distributed throughout the area of the Tracmat™, meaning the tyre will not sink or dig in. The Tracmat™ has been designed to deflect under the vehicle load, however, because they are made of a glass reinforced plastic rather than metal, the inherent elasticity allows them to spring back to their original shape when un-laden.

The excellent grip is achieved through the bi-directional mesh construction. This allows aggressive mud-tyre treads to easily grip and hold onto the surface. A quartz grit surface provides additional adhesion. This combination creates unrivalled tyre to surface adhesion and grip greatly superior to any traditional metal sand ladder. The inherent strength, durability, reduced weight, and corrosion resistance makes Tracmat™ the only modern choice for the off-road adventurer.

Tracmat™ Bridging Ladders

We recommed Tracmat™ bridging ladders for use with the following vehicles

Why Buy From Tracmat UK

Tracmat UK

As one of the uk's leading distributors of high performance composite materials We guarantee to offer the highest specification products at the very best prices.

Other Applications

In addition to their excellent off-road capabilities tracmats™ are also ideal for the following applications:

- Motorcycle Loading Ramps
- Caravans & Trailers
- Emergency Off Road Services
- Vehicle Wheel Chair Ramps
- Trailer Ramps

Tracmat Features & Benefits

- Robust & Extremely Durable
- High Quality Composite Construction
- Exceptional Load Bearing Capabilities
- Low Maintenance
- Easy To Clean
- Corrosion Resistant
- Lightweight & Easy To Carry